Your Pet Connection, Understanding Your Spiritual Relationships

with Rhonda Weisberg

Saturday Feb 3

1:00 - 3:30 pm
$30.00      Limited to 12 people


In this workshop, we will explore the spiritual nature of the beautiful creatures we share our lives with. We know that the animals we choose or those that show up in our lives are very special and we are curious about what they think about, what they feel, and if they are happy and feel our love.

Topics include:

* Why you and your pet chose each other

* How to better connect with your pet(s)

* Why our pets incarnate on Earth

* What you and your pets are learning from each other

* Why some people love dogs more than cats and vice versa

* "Dog People" vs. "Cat People"


Reserve early - space is limited to 12 participants!

Your investment for this class: $30 Pre-registration/pre-payment is required for this class.

Class payments are non-transferable unless the instructor cancels the class. You may cancel UP TO 24 hours before the class for a refund of your payment, minus a 15% fee. NO REFUND within 24 hours of the class, unless the instructor cancels the class. You may pre-register/pre-pay online at www.foreverandaday.biz/calendar.html or in person in the store.

About Rhonda: 
Rhonda Weisberg is an intuitive reader and artist. She has been doing readings for people and pets in the metro Atlanta area for over 20 years. Rhonda also writes articles on a wide variety of topics from information she receives from her non-physical Team. You can check out her website at www.rhondaweisberg.com.


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