Forever And A Day is a family owned business in Woodstock, GA.  We strive to provide a peaceful place for
peoples of all beliefs to come and relax, to heal, and to meet others on their respective spiritual journey.  We also offer classes in the Metaphysical Arts from the best teachers we can find...  All paths lead to the top of the mountain.  

It is also our goal to offer the finest Body, Mind and Spirit merchandise available from the premiere artisans and
manufacturers in the business so that we can help you on your journey.  Is is our sincere hope that your shopping experience with us is enjoyable and enlightening!

Feel free to send your questions or comments to: OR  

Please do not ask for a catalog.  We do not print one. Our products are only featured in our store.

We respect your privacy: we will never trade or sell your email address or personal information to any business or list service.

If you know of a manufacturer who makes quality merchandise that you would like to see in our store, we
welcome your suggestions.

With great Love and Blessings, Namaste. Sherry and Michael

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