A New Dispensation: Plain Talk for Confusing Times (Kryon Book 10)

By Lee Carroll

Book 10 - A New Dispensation - 2004
Introduction        - Lee Carroll
Channelling - Lee Carroll
Ascension and the Power of Human Consciousness (Chapter 1)
And So It Begins (Chapter 2)
A New Dispensation (Chapter 3)
Co-Creation Explained - "Singing in the Choir" (Chapter 4)
What's Happening? (Chapter 5)
Plain Talk (Chapter 6)
What's New and What's Not (Chapter 7)
The Mt. Shasta Experience (Chapter 8)
Self-Worth (Chapter 9)
Frustrations Part I (Chapter 10)
The Interdimensional Universe (Chapter 11)
Frustrations Part II (Chapter 12)
Questions and Answer Forum (Chapter 13)
Appendix A   (The Names of DNA and Their Hebrew Spellings)
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Paperback | 408 pages


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