Crystal Grids

Posted by Gale Hamby on Jul 8th 2017

Crystal Grids

By Gale Hamby.

If you’re reading this, you are probably already aware that Crystals, in their many forms, are very useful tools for healing, balance, recovery, power, wealth, protection, and a plethora of other manifestations. Carried in a purse or pocket, worn as jewelry, tucked in your bra (ladies, this is an extra bonus we have!), common, inexpensive, tumbled stones work their magic.

Crystal grids – also known as layouts – are a great way to focus your intentions for your mineral Allies.

Grids are often laid out in geometric forms, such as circles, squares, spirals, and stars. Some of the Sacred Geometry, such as the Flower of Life pattern, are also commonly used. The most important thing is that the patterns thus formed are balanced. It’s thought the power raised by such patterns is most efficiently directed by symmetry. So, in a square pattern, for example, place matching stones in each corner, with equal numbers of stones along each edge.

The Focal Stone usually goes in the center of your pattern. Big points or chunks of Clear Quartz are used there to focus and concentrate the energies of the other crystals used. Smaller quartz points often point into the center of a grid, enhancing the power of the laser-like energy. If you want a softer, but no less powerful, more encompassing energy, a Sphere can be used instead of a Point. This ensures that energy will flow in all directions. You could also place a white or colored candle in the center of your grid.

A few popular choices for crystals are:

Rose Quartz – love, friendship, cooperation

Amethyst – balance, help with addiction/alcoholism, power to overcome troubles

Citrine – prosperity, success, lifting depression/sorrow, joy and happiness

Jaspers/Agates – grounding, restraint, earth healing

Aventurine – money, prosperity, growth

Lapis Lazuli – power, deep intelligence, peace

Black Tourmaline – protection, release of negativity

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns, just a few crystals, or many. The most important thing of all is to clearly focus on your intent as you place each stone on your grid, and see the energies of each one connecting with the others. Although there are many wonderful books, websites, and videos available on creating grids, and the meanings and attributes of crystals, go with what your instincts tell you. When choosing stones, hold your hand over the containers and try to feel a spark, or warmth, in your hand. Perhaps the colors of certain stones attracts you. Trust that you will be guided to the crystals you need to accomplish your goals, and just have fun!