Posted by Anjali on Aug 31st 2018


New Age catch phrase, Sanskrit word - real or not real?

By Anjali

Either way I have seen just how misunderstood it is, in my readings. Through my career as a Psychic Reader I have become keenly aware that everything is “Energy”.Divine Source, Creator, which is Love in it’s Essence. I could feel the Love of this Essence that we call Creator/God, from childhood. So aligning with that positive force aligns us with our highest good.

I am keenly attuned to Energy - everything vibrates, and that when we take an action, think a thought or speak, a word, we send a pulse of “Energy” out into the Universal Field, and part of that field reflects that Energy back to us, resulting in a Karmic return - both positive and negative, depending on the positive or negative quality of our thought, word, action/deeds. Positive will get a positive outcome, and negative will get us a negative outcome. It is automatic - built into the Universal Field, so to speak, like a boom-a-rang. Karma or Karmic return is about lessons for the growth of our Souls. It is not to punish us. Also Karma is not just a Sanskrit word, it is referred to in many scriptures and in phrases we have encountered in life. “What you sow, so shall Ye reap” -The Bible. “Do unto others, what you would have others do unto you.” “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” “What goes around, comes around”. To name a few. Because of Free Will, we are free to choose our actions, thoughts and words - so the Karmic Return we get is up to us. Free Will is instantaneous so we can correct ourselves as soon as we, “catch our negatives”, and change them, and alter our Karmic potential on the spot. The law of Karma is supported by the current awareness of the “Law of Attraction” positive thinking versus negative thinking. Get clear as to what you truly want for your life. Get into the habit of monitoring your thoughts. When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, say, to the Universe - “Cancel that thought”- And then restate it as a positive thought. This will help you get better outcomes. Refocus and your Free Will to stem the flow of negative thoughts that occupy our brain our lives, but with effort/diligence it can be done.

So many times in my life as a Psychic Reader I have been asked by my clients, “Do I have a spell on me, because there lives are so difficult and negative stuff seems to come out of nowhere. Now that you know you have control of your outcomes, use this information to help yourself to make a change in your life. Life’s lessons are to awaken us to refining our output”, to help us develop as Souls for our Highest Good, and to improve our Spiritual prospects. Make Karma work for you. -

Be positive, be loving in all you do.

Many Blessings to you all,

Namaste Anjali