Welcome to Forever And A Day LLC

Posted by Michael and Sherry Davis on May 16th 2017

Welcome to Forever And A Day LLC

Welcome to our new Ecommerce site.   We are happy that you are here.  We would like to introduce ourselves to you, so we that that a recent interview in VoyageATL would do the trick.

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Voyage ATL May 8, 2017

Meet Michael and Sherry Davis of Forever And A Day New Age Emporium

Today we’d like to introduce you to Michael and Sherry Davis.

Michael and Sherry, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
We opened Forever And A Day New Age Emporium on February 26, 2010. Our store was born out of the need for an open, loving environment for new age seekers on the north side of Atlanta.

We had started an online store in 2005, shortly after we met and married. Michael has been involved in the metaphysical community in Georgia for 30 years or more. I was a “newbie”, but was fascinated with all things “new age”. In 2007, we purchased Gaia’s World Ceremonial Herbs, which is a wholesale B2B company, selling ceremonial herbs, sage and other products to other new age stores. At the time of the purchase of Gaia’s World, we discontinued selling Forever And A Day products online. After purchasing Gaia’s World, we took a small space in the Woodstock Flea Emporium to sell some items left over from the Forever And A Day online store, and some herbs and crystals and incense. We put out a little notebook in our consignment booth, so folks who might want a special order of something could be accommodated. We started getting all sorts of “fan” emails from people wanting to know where our BIG store was (which of course we didn’t have), and telling us how happy they were that we were there. For some time, we had both wanted to have a brick and mortar store. In 2009, we made the decision to purchase a building for our store, which also houses Gaia’s World. It took us 5 months to remodel the old Sonny’s Barbecue that we purchased. It was truly a labor of love! (And blood, sweat and tears!)

So now Forever And A Day has been in operation for almost 7 years, and it has grown so much! We look back on how far we have come, and it is amazing!

In 2014, we produced our first consumer show, the Awakened Spirit Expo, which we produced again in 2015. We were told we wouldn’t make any money on the expo, and people doubted us because we had never done an event like it before. But things worked out beautifully and it was a profitable venture as well.

Michael was, and still is, the owner of Davis Security Services, Inc. I was a real estate paralegal, and hated it!

Has it been a smooth road?

Since Forever And A Day opened, we really haven’t had any obstacles. We have been well received into the area and the metaphysical/new age community. We didn’t plan on having any problems, so we haven’t had any. We believe in creating our own realities.

We have pretty much had a smooth road in “growing” Forever And A Day. Our only “challenge”, as such, was remodeling the old Sonny’s Barbecue building to create our store! It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get the BBQ out of this building!

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Forever And A Day New Age Emporium – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
Forever And A Day New Age Emporium specializes in all things new age/metaphysical. We pride ourselves on making our customers feel like family. And we commonly hear folks say how good it makes them feel to come in our store. One thing we specialize in, and sell a lot of, is tumbled stones. We sell over 160 types of tumbled stones that folks use for metaphysical purposes…healing, meditation, manifestation, etc.

We just want to make a difference in people’s lives. Our customers tell us all the time that they come in to our store when they need a break from the pressures of the world. They say they just take a deep breath when they walk in, and instantly feel better. We like to think of Forever And A Day as an oasis of peace amidst all the troubles of today’s world.

Forever And A Day currently has fourteen active practitioners whose skills include psychic ability, mediumship, tarot readings, oracle readings, animal communication, aura photography, massage, reflexology, sound healing, astrology readings and more. We think we have the creme-de-la-creme in practitioners. If they are here, they are great!

We also offer a wide variety of classes in the store…aromatherapy certification, psychic development, psychic circles, gallery readings, animal communication, drum making, shamanic journeying, and more.

We have two yearly events that are held outside in the parking lot area of the store, too, which are always our 2 most heavily attended days of the year. There’s something about being outside, and the carnival atmosphere, even though we are doing the serious business of readings and massage!

We have a monthly Psychic Fair on the 2nd Saturday of every month, where our customers can get readings at a discounted rate. And we’re different than other psychic fairs…we don’t limit our customers to 20 minutes for their reading. We don’t believe in cutting them off when they might be getting some important questions answered!

We are looking forward to some future expansion and remodel of the store in the very near future.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
A store like Forever And A Day is more successful in an area that is more diverse, like the Atlanta area. We are a little “out of the norm” in Woodstock, but we like being unique. More and more people are becoming enlightened now, and for the folks that don’t feel like they fit in with the rest of the world, they feel right at home here!

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