Body, Mind and Spirit

Body, Mind and Spirit


"You are each high entities of your own who agreed to come to earth to work in the Great Plan. You as humans have implants that will never let you understand this side of the veil on a reasoning level. There is only one way you can begin to understand . . it must be done by balancing your biology with your spirituality. Your spiritual side is pure and unaffected, and is still intact without restriction. With a balance of the power of your spiritual side, your biological structure (mind and physical body) will no longer be limited in scope of understanding. Many of you call this balance "enlightenment."

"Who am I?"
"Born magnificent!"
I am love.
I am compassion.
I am healthy.
I am young.

"Dear Spirit, show me what I need to know."
"Spirit, bring me those who I will recognize as part of my path."

"I choose to be peaceful. I choose not to have anxiety over the things I had before. I no longer will have my buttons pressed by others. I am a kind and benevolent thinker and that is what I will project in my life."

"I choose not to fear. I choose to be peaceful. I will have wonderful, peaceful sleep at night because I am allied with the Creative Source and now I understand that. I understand that what I visualize of who I am, becomes my reality. The cells of my body are all listening for the first time. I choose to be healthy in this life!"

~ Kryon


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Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

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