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Lemuria. Kryon (as channeled by Lee Carroll) and others have identified Lemuria as the first place of civilization on the planet. According to Kryon, Hawaii was once one great continent. The earth once rose like a great bubble of land from the volcanic pressure below. A more balanced civilization of gender equality than we know today blossomed for a time. As the land began to sink, people fled the region and traveled to other parts of the world, taking much of their culture with them.   Rapa Nui (the indigenous name for Easter Island) , was one place.  

Despite the passing millennia and modern cultural destruction, Hawaiian kahunas still honor the Lemurian ancestors today and guard many ancient traditions.

Were you in Lemuria? Do you believe that Lemuria actually existed? For hundreds of years this subject has been debated in metaphysical circles. This is also the subject of many books.


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