Celestial Tarot fuses the myths, symbols, and astronomy of the sky with astrological divination to reveal the mysteries of tarot in a unique and engaging way. Celestial Tarot is both a handbook of the heavens and an oracular guide to the inner life. The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana are represented by the twelve zodiacal constellations and ten planets. Each minor suit represents one of the four astrological elements. The accompanying booklet introduces the greater mysteries with a chart of astrological and elemental correspondences. The descriptions of the cards explore the mythological archetypes represented in the major and minor arcana, brought to life by the exquisite artwork of Kay Steventon.

Brian Clark is an Accredited Astrology Teacher (AAT) who has taught astrology for the past 25 years at the Chiron Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Kay Steventon, creator of the Spiral Tarot, is a professional artist, astrologer, and Tarot reader.

Brian Clark and Kay Steventon also available: Celestial Tarot Deck.

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