11 inches tall, bronze-like finish.

Cernunnos, Horned God in Celtic mythology, he bestows blessings in life, fertility, and nature.

He is the God of Initiation, King of the Sun and God of Nature and Fertility. As the Lord of the Animals/The Lord of Wild Things, Cernunnos is described as “a peaceful God of Nature and Fruitfulness.” His horns are interpreted as representing “aggressive power, genetic vigor and fecundity.”

His name is Roman, meaning “Horned One” and he is often depicted as a mature man with long hair and beard, seated in the lotus position, cross-legged in a meditative or shamanic position. He is horned or antlered. Cernunnos is associated with the animal kingdom and is often holding or wearing a torc, a neck ring typically made of strands of metal twisted together worn by the Celts to denote nobility. Often he carries other torcs in his hands or they hang from his horns/antlers.

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Width: 6.00
Height: 14.50
Depth: 5.00

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