Gemstone Skulls

Gemstone Skulls

The skull represents hope, healing, and life after death. To the Mayan, skulls were believed to be a godhead-symbol of all encompassing knowledge and wisdom. In Celtic tradition, the skull or head is viewed as the seat of power and soul. Some texts tend to the skull as the soul house.

There are five openings in the human skull viz, a mouth, two nose cavities, and two eyes, thus special interest to Celtics. According to the mythology of the Celtics, the number five is considered to have magical properties. Practically, there are three main holes in the skull i.e. a mouth and two eyes. So that the number three is considered to be a scared number in their mythology. And when these three holes are connected, they come up with a triangle that popularly represents a Celtic theme known as Trinity. Celts always believe that the three openings in the skull show creation, magic, and transformation that endlessly happen across life.

Celts had a strong relationship with the circle. As the skull head and the eyes are naturally circular in shape. So, this shows life’s cyclical nature and also the feeling of togetherness in our communities. In addition to these, the oracle shape of mouth and eyes of the skull viewed or represented as the gateways for receiving knowledge. The logic behind this belief is that everything that we see comes through our eyes and shows our strongest method of accepting knowledge and learning that we, the humans possess naturally.

Celtic skulls are spectacular and represent the boundless power in the life’s omnipresent cyclical nature, infinite and the eternal, and the entrances that allow us to rejoin with the spirits.

Image by Juliet van Ree from Pixabay

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