Pendulums are used for Divination, Dowsing, Meditation and Cleansing.   Use your pendulum for guidance and to get answers.  A pendulum can also be used for Chakra Balancing and Reiki Healing.  It is a tool for personal, business, investments, even locating lost items.

There are many ways to use a pendulum.  Holding the pendulum so that it may swing freely, one way of determining how this particular pendulum works for you is simply to ask it to "Show me my yes answer".  Likewise, ask "Show me my no answer".  Typically, clockwise indicates yes, counter-clockwise no.  Or, it could be a back and forth motion (straight swing) indicating yes vertically and no horizontally.  Try confirming accuracy with questions to which the answers are known.

Each pendulum, just as each user, is different.  Recognizing the motion of your yes answer, and of your no answer, is key to understanding how to use it.  

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