With Quartz

1st Chakra = Root- Garnet
2nd Chakra = Naval - Carnelian
3rd Chakra = Solar - Citrine or Tiger Eye
4th Chakra = Heart - Aventurine
5th Chakra = Throat - Blue Lace Agate or Turquoise
6th Chakra = Third Eye - Sodalite
7th Chakra = Crown - Amethyst

The purpose of the Chakra Balancer is to realign and balance the energy fields of each specific chakra, thus aligning and harmonizing mind, body and soul.  It will aid in dissolving stress, removing blocks and overall sense of better health, joy and abundance.

These are very unique and  come with black satin cord and information card. All "Seeds of Light" products are individually hand-made, so no two are the same.  Images many vary slightly from actual product.  They are soldered with 95% tin, 5% silver alloy and are lead and nickel free.

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Width: 3.50
Height: 3.50
Depth: 0.75

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